Colin Cowherd net worth

Colin Cowherd net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd net worth

Colin Cowherd is a well known name in radio world, mostly in sports radio. It has been announced that the overall size of Colin Cowherd net worth today reaches as high as 12 million dollars. He was born in Washington in 1964. Colin Cowherd is mostly known from radio stations ESPN Radio and ESPNU. Colin Cowherd is hosting his show called “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, which is also the main source of Colin Cowherd net worth. The show gives comments on sports events, sports news and it also included interviews with well known people from sports world. The show is also known as one of the most popular shows on ESPN Radio. During the show, Colin Cowherd also talks about his personal life from time to time. In addition to working in the mentioned radio stations, Colin Cowherd is also working in ESPN2. There, he is one of the hosts of the show called “SportsNation”.

Before he became a well known man on radio, Colin Cowherd was studying at Eastern Washington University. He started his career as a radio show host when he joined the Pacific Coast League’s Las Vegas Stars. Soon, he got a job in Las Vegas, Nevada as a sports director of KVBC-TV.

While working there, Colin Cowherd was awarded with the Nevada’s Sportscaster of the Year title five times. Thus, his initial career in sports also proved to be a success. Eventually, sports broadcasting became the main source of Colin Cowherd net worth.

In 1996, Colin Cowherd moved to Oregon, where he started working as a sports show host of KGW-TV. In 2003 Colin Cowherd started working on the ESPN Radio when he was chosen to replace Tony Kornheiser. Soon, he got his own show for which he is mostly known today, called “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”. This show is regarded as the main source of his fame and also of Colin Cowherd net worth.

He is also known to have several ESPN Radio podcasts, most notably “The Herd Mentality” and “The Thundering Herd with Colin Cowherd”. In 2005, his career in sports was awarded with the Radio Personality of the Year Award by Sports Illustrated. In 2012, he got a title of the Best Pundit which he received for his sports predicting abilities. Thus, he has established his name as one of the most popular ones in the sports industry and this sphere is also expected to increase his net worth even more.

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