Conrad Hilton net worth

Conrad Hilton net worth

Net Worth: $1 Billion

About Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton net worth

It has been announced that the total size of Conrad Hilton net worth is 1 billion dollars which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Conrad Hilton was one of the most popular entrepreneurs from the United States.

He was born in 1887 in San Antonio. He died in Santa Monica, California in 1979. Conrad Hilton became mostly famous because of his involvement into business, as he was the founder and owner of one of the most popular hotel chains, that being Hilton hotels. Owning these hotels also increased Conrad Hilton net worth by a mile. When Conrad Hilton was a young man, he was already working in his father’s business – in his store established in New Mexico. For some time, he was also working at New Mexico’s State Legislature, where he was a representative.

In 1919, Conrad Hilton moved to Texas. At that time, the oil boom was at its peak. His original aim was to become a banker there. However, it turned to another direction as he bought his first hotel there, which had 40 rooms. This was the start of his career into hotel industry, which eventually became the main source of Conrad Hilton net worth.

This hotel brought him a lot of success and seeing that he could reach a lot in this business, Conrad Hilton decided to buy more hotels. In 1925, thus, he opened a hotel in Texas, which was called the Dallas Hilton. Two years later, another hotel was opened called the Abilene Hilton. One year later, the Waco Hilton was founded and in 1930 the el Paso Hilton was established. Thus, all of these hotels have also added up to his fame as well as Conrad Hilton net worth.

Throughout his career, Conrad Hilton believed a lot in praying and he stated that it was his mother who installed in him the faith which helped him to suffer hard times during the Great Depression. In 1939, Conrad Hilton decided to expand his career as a hotel owner and founded his first hotel outside the area of Texas. Thus, he founded a hotel in New Mexico called the Hotel Andaluz. At his most successful point in his career as a hotel owner, he managed 188 hotels founded in 38 different cities in the United States. Thus, being a hotel owner made him a well known man in this industry, which has also made him one of the richest people there.

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