Cooper Manning net worth

Cooper Manning net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Cooper Manning

Cooper Manning net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Cooper Manning net worth reaches as high as 15 million dollars. Cooper Manning has been involved into quite many activities, however, to most people he is known as an energy trader, which has been not only one of the most important sources of his fame, but also of Cooper Manning net worth.

Also, he is known for his family relations. Cooper Manning has brothers who are playing in the NFL – Eli and Peyton Manning. His father was also involved into playing football and was playing it in the NFL in the period of 1971-1982.

Cooper Manning was born in Mississippi in 1974. When growing up, Cooper Manning was also interested into playing football, as was his father and brothers. However, his brothers were playing in the position of a quarterback, whereas Cooper Manning was playing in the position of a wide receiver. When he was studying in high school, Cooper Manning continued to play football. In fact when he was studying there, Cooper Manning was playing in the same team as his brother Peyton Manning. His other brother, Eli Manning, could not join the brothers on the same team because of the age barrier.

Cooper Manning was very talented in the field as he managed to get most of passes and also was named as an All-State wide receiver. Also, he dreamed of his studies at the University of Mississippi. However, when he was on the peak of his career, Cooper Manning began to feel numbness on his fingers. He soon was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and because of it he had to forget about his dreams in football, which was a huge shock to him.

Cooper Manning eventually got interested into another industry, that being the energy sector, which today has brought a lot to the overall amount of Cooper Manning net worth. Cooper Manning today is a partner to Weil Howard that has offices in different places, such as New Orleans and Boston. Therefore, working in this field has added up not only fame and proof that he could be successful in another industry, it also added up to the overall size of Cooper Manning net worth.

Giving some personal details about him, Cooper Manning is married and is raising three kids. Although he was not successful into making himself a popular football player, Cooper Manning still enjoys watching his brothers play this game.

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