Courtney Cox plastic surgery

Courtney Cox plastic surgery

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Courtney Cox plastic surgery

Nowadays plastic surgery is extremely popular amongst celebrities, especially the one’s who have reached their middle age. Recently people started speculating about possible Courtney Cox plastic surgery. This actress is mostly known for her role in one of the most popular 90s TV series “Friends”. Now Courtney Cox can be seen in TV series “Cougartown”.

Most of the rumors about possible Courtney Cox plastic surgery started just recently. The main reason for this is the fact that even in her 40s actress somehow managed to maintain her youthful appearance. People are suspecting that she might have had a few procedures done on her body and possibly some kind of face filler. Looking at the photo comparisons, we can see that there has definitely been some changes that have happened over the years. Actress’s face appears fuller and there is almost no visible wrinkles around her eyes and mouth area – usually this indicates that a person is using Botox injections. There were some speculations about possible breast augmentation and liposuction, because Courtney Cox is in an extremely good shape especially having in mind that she is in her 40s.

However, plastic surgeons have completely different opinion. Professional plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn has been asked to state his opinion about possible Courtney Cox plastic surgery. According to him, her body looks very natural and it is unlikely that she have had a breast augmentation or liposuction. It seems that it is Courtney’s good genes and taking care of her body which helped her maintain her youthful appearance. Even if she did have a plastic surgery, it was done professionally and subtly without drastically changing her appearance. Many people agree that she is a beautiful and talented actress and she certainly doesn’t look like one of the plastic surgery celebrities. Hollywood is filled with examples of plastic surgery went wrong, such as Holly Hunter, Jocelyn Wildenstein and many others.

All things considered, it seems that even if there was a Courtney Cox plastic surgery, it was a small one and was done very subtly. At least for now, actress looks quite natural and it seems that the only thing that she might have gotten is Botox fillers, which is more of a cosmetic procedure than plastic surgery. Courtney Cox’s fans are hoping that she will continue to age gracefully and will not become a victim of bad plastic surgery.

Did Courtney Cox Undergone Plastic Surgery

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