Courtney Love net worth

Courtney Love net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Courtney Love

Courtney Love net worth

Courtney Michelle Love, real name Courtney Michelle Harrison, is an American artist, singer, songwriter and actress. She gained prominence appearing in cult films Straight to Hell and Sid and Nancy, by Alex Cox. Courtney’s music career started in 1989, when she formed an alternative rock group Hole. Performing with this band, Love gained recognition as a talented rhythm guitarist and vocalist. The band’s debut album, entitled Pretty on the Inside, was released in 1991, but did not make much impact on the American music scene. Five years later Courtney renewed her acting career with movie The People vs. Larry Flint. This film garnered Love a prestigious Golden Globe nomination and earned her international fame. As for 2013, Courtney Love net worth is estimated at $150 millions, making her one of the wealthiest female in show business.
Courtney was born in California, in a family of Hank Harrison and Linda Carroll. Her mother was a psychotherapist, while her father was a music manager. He briefly worked with a band Grateful Dead, thus his daughter, by the time a five-year-old, appeared on the back cover of the group’s album Aoxomohoa.

Both Hank and Linda were professionally successful, but their fortune never came close to Courtney Love net worth. Although the girl never experienced poverty, her childhood was not easy due to other reasons. Her father was a drug addict and according to Linda, has fed LSD to his little daughter. In 1969 Love’s parents divorced and her mother got the full custody. Linda’s love life was far from stable and the little Courtney often had to meet her “new dads”. Her mother’s romantic affairs resulted in four kids, Love’s half-sisters and half-brothers.
When Courtney turned 8, her mother and her new husband moved to live to New Zealand, leaving Courtney with her former stepfather. At the age 14 the troubled teenager was caught shoplifting and ended up in Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility. For the two following years, until she became legally emancipated, Courtney lived in various foster homes. At the age 16 the girl left everyone she has ever known and moved to Oregon. At the time Courtney Love net worth was little above zero and in order to support herself the future millionaire had to work as a stripper. It is a little known fact that during the same period Love took classes at Portland State University, where she studied English. In the early 1980s she received a small inheritance from her grandparents and used that money to travel to England, where she studied theology at the famous Trinity College. Despite her best efforts to gain education, it was not until the mid 1980s, that Courtney Love net worth was high enough, so she could quit stripping.

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