Craig David net worth

Craig David net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Craig David

Craig David net worth

It has been estimated that the current amount of Craig David net worth is as high as 15 million dollars, according to recent estimations. He has made his net worth as well as fame because of his career in music, where he is known not only as a singer, but also a song writer. In 2000, when he released his first album called “Born to Do It”, Craig David immediately became popular and successful. The sales of his first album added a lot to the increase in Craig David net worth, as well. Since the release of his first album, Craig David has released many more successful albums and also became a nominee or even a winner of many awards. In 2009, MTV organized a poll in which his debut album was chosen to be in the second place of the greatest albums of all time. The first place belongs to Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller”.

The singer was born in England in 1981. His father was also involved into music as he belonged to one reggae band where he served as a bass player. Craig David would usually go to dance clubs where his father took him and the people who worked as DJs there would usually let him to speak on the microphone.

Craig David soon started to collaborate with a couple of acts, such as Artful Dodger and Damage.

Soon Craig David got an opportunity to get signed to Wildstar Records. His first successful single was called “Fill Me In’, which reached a lot of success. This single was also included in the singer’s debut album. Talking about the sales of his first album, 8 million copies of it have been sold internationally and it was certified as multi platinum in many countries. Thus, it is safe to say that the sales of this album for sure increased not only his popularity, but also the overall amount of Craig David net worth.

Craig David is also known as a nominee of two Grammy awards. Moreover, he has been nominated for 12 Brit awards. Thus, his career into music has also been recognized. Up to this day, 5 more studio albums of the singer have been released, sales of which also added up to the total size of Craig David net worth. The hits that made him even more well known include “What’s Your Flava?”, “Rise and Fall”, “7 Days” and “Walking Away”.

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