Craig Ferguson net worth

Craig Ferguson net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson net worth

It has been stated that Craig Ferguson net worth reaches 20 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his successful career in cinema industry. He has been working as a TV show host, comedian, actor, writer, director, producer as well as voice actor.

Currently, he is known as a host of his own TV show called “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”. It has been stated that his annual salary for appearing in this show reaches 8.5 million dollars. Obviously, such amount of money has added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Craig Ferguson net worth. The show has had a lot of prestigious nominations, such as for Emmy award. Also, the show is known to be the winner of the Peabody Award.

In addition to his involvement into cinema, Craig Ferguson is an author of two books, one of the called “Between the Bridge and the River” and another one – “American on Purpose”. The former one is a novel, whereas the latter book is a memoir. The sales of these books also added a lot to the overall amount of Craig Ferguson net worth.

In 2008, Craig Ferguson became an American citizen officially (Craig Ferguson is of Scottish origin).

Moreover, when he was starting his career as a stand-up comedian, Craig Ferguson usually performed under a nickname of Bing Hitler. Before he got his own show, which today adds huge revenues to Craig Ferguson net worth, he was appearing on another show called “The Drew Carey Show”.

As it was mentioned before, Craig Ferguson was born in Scotland. He stated that he grew up usually being bullied because he was quite chubby. When he was 16 years old, he quitted attending high school and learnt the craft of electricity technician. Craig Ferguson first visited the United States, when he flew there to visit his uncle, who lived in New York.

When in 1983 Craig Ferguson moved to live to New York City, he was initially working in construction in Harlem. Later, he got a job in one night club called “Save the Robots”, where he worked as a bouncer.

In 1994, he moved to Los Angeles. There, he got more opportunities to show his talents in acting and producing. His first role was in TV series called “Maybe this Time”, where he appeared as a baker. Thus, he started his successful career in cinema industry, which added a lot of revenues to Craig Ferguson net worth.

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craig ferguson net worth craig ferguson net worth

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