Craig Newmark net worth

Craig Newmark net worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

About Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark net worth

Craig Newmark, full name Craig Alexander Newmark, is a successful internet entrepreneur from the United States. He is best known as the founder of international website This classified advertisement website, named after its creator, contains sections related to jobs, personals, housing, resumes, gigs, services, community and even discussion forums. Craigslist was first launched in 1995 and contained mostly notices of various social events that could interest internet developers working and living in San Francisco. Since then the website has grown and changed unrecognizably. As for 2013, Craig Newmark net worth is estimated at $400 million.
Craig was born in New Jersey, in a family of Lee and Joyce Newmark. Both of his parents were Jews and not only tried to install their religious beliefs to Craig at home, but also made him attend a Jewish religious school. Newmark’s childhood was affluent: although Lee’s fortune never came close to Craig Newmark net worth, his salary allowed the family to reside in a large suburban house. Everything changed when the future millionaire, than a 13-year-old, lost his father.

Joyce was unable to support her two sons alone, thus she had to sell the house and move the family into apartment.
There was no way Craig’s mother could have afforded paying for his college, thus the boy knew that unless he receives the scholarship, his studies will be over right after graduation from high school. With this in his mind, Craig concentrated on math and natural science subjects. His work did not go to waste: his exam results exceeded everyone’s expectations. Craig’s academic achievements ensured the teenager would get a scholarship to study at Case Western Reserve University. Newmark graduated in 1977, holding a degree of Master of Science. The knowledge and programming skills Craig gained at CWRU later helped him in building his own business and eventually boosted Craig Newman net worth to hundreds of millions.
After graduation Craig moved to live in Boca Raton city in Florida. Soon the future millionaire landed his first job as the computer programmer at IBM (International Business Machines), a multinational technology and consulting corporation. Although the salary at IBM was modest, compared to his current income it contributed to Craig Newman net worth growth. Newmark remained in the same position for nearly twenty years, until moving to San Francisco In 1993. What encouraged him to create Craigslist was the feeling of loneliness and the wish to do something good for the society. Newmark believed that his website could help him meet web developers scattered in the big city and help people plan their leisure time. The success of the website soon exceeded Craig Newmark’s expectations and turned him into a millionaire.

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craig newmark net worth craig newmark net worth craig newmark net worth

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