Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, for the football fans known simply as Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the world’s best football players, currently playing for Spanish Madrid Real and serving as a captain on the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo was written down into the football history as the all-time most expensive player after Manchester United received $131 million for his transfer to real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth is currently estimated at $160 million, and this is no wonder having in mind that his annual salary amounts to 12 million Euros per year.

Ronaldo was born in Santo Antonio, in a family of Maria Dolores and Jose Dinis Aveiro. His mother was a cook and his dad worked as a municipal gardener. Cristiano was given a second name Ronaldo due to his father’s will, in honor of the former President of the United States Ronald Reagan. Not because Jose was particularly interested in the U.S. politics, he admired Reagan as an actor. His father died at the age 52, of the illness related to the liver failure and caused by the alcoholism. After this loss Ronaldo decided not to use alcohol in his life.

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth started to grow particularly early. Following the successful campaign with a local youth club Nacional in 1995 he was signed by Sporting PC and became the youngest player in the club’s history. Not always luck has been by the side of Cristiano, there were extremely hard times in his career too. For a short period in 2000 it looked like his career is going to end before it has started. This year the young athlete was diagnosed with a racing hart. Although generally this cardiac malfunction does not pose threat to the one’s life, it requires limiting the physical activity to the minimum. Luckily the heart problems faded away as the boy came into adolescence. On the league debut in 2002 Ronaldo surprised everyone by scoring two goals and leading his team to the victory against Moreirence with a result 3-0. After this impressive debut on the major league Cristiano Ronaldo net worth shot to the stars.

In 2003 eighty-year-old Ronaldo signed a contract with one of the strongest football clubs in Great Britain and Europe as a whole, Manchester United. This first deal was worth 15 million Euros and Ronaldo’s annual salary has not stopped growing ever since. According to Forbes, during the season 2009-2010 alone Cristiano Ronaldo net worth has grown by 36 million dollars and the following year his annual earnings increased by $2 million- a life changing fortune for most of the mortals. In 2012 Ronaldo’s annual income increased once again, leaving him with a salary of $42 million per year.

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