Dale Earnhardt net worth

Dale Earnhardt net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt net worth

Ralph Dale Earnhardt, commonly known as Dale Earnhardt, is an award winning American race car driver, currently racing with Chevrolet SS No. 88 in NASCAR Nationwide Series. He rose to fame in early 2000s, winning NASCAR Rookie of the Year. The same year he won at Texas Motor Speedway and set the new record for the competition. Dale’s other personal achievements include winning Daytona 500 in 2004, Budweiser Shootout in 2003 and 2008 and the Winston XVI in 2000. He holds ten awards as the Most Popular Driver in Sprint cup Series. Dale Earnhardt net worth is currently estimated at $300 million.

Dale was born in North Carolina, in a family of Brenda Lorraine and Dale Earnhardt Sr. Lots of man in his family were accomplished race car drivers. His father began his career in mid 1970s, driving in the Winston Cup Series. During his lengthy career Earnhardt Sr. has won this prestigious championship a number of times: he came first in 1987 and 1990-1994. He was considered to be one of the best NASCAR drivers who has ever walked the ground and had a fortune little inferior to Dale Earnhardt net worth.

Unfortunately, his life ended in a tragic car accident in 2001. During the final lap of 2001 Daytona 500 he accidentally contacted Sterling Marlin’s car, slid of the track and crashed into the outside wall. The same morning he died at Halifax Medical Centre, right before his 50th birthday. Some furious fans has blamed Starling and even threatened to kill him. In the meantime Dale Jr. has publicly declared that it was a horrible accident and nobody but faith should be blamed for his father’s death.

Dale’s grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt, was also an award winning NASCAR driver, while his maternal grandpa, Robert Gee, was a stock car fabricator. Born in such a family, Dale started training earlier than he actually got his driving license. At the age 17 Dale competed in Street Stock division and two years later his skills already allowed him to join Late Model Stock Car races. Dale Earnhardt net worth started to grow in the late 90s, when he entered NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. By the turn of the century he was already awarded as NASCAR Rookie of the Year, after outrunning Matt Kenseth.

Racing competitions is not the only source of Dale Earnhardt net worth. After becoming a famous driver he founded a media production company and made some investments. In 2007 Dale ventured into television and started hosting a show entitled Back in the Day. Earnhardt has also appeared on Yes, Dear and MTV Cribs. He acted in a brief episode of the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

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