Dan Patrick net worth

Dan Patrick net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick net worth

Dan Patrick is a well known name in TV world, which has accumulated Dan Patrick net worth to 25 million dollars. Dan Patrick is known as a sportscaster, actor and radio personality. These all careers increased Dan Patrick net worth a lot, which has been reported to be one of the highest in the show business.

One of his current occupations is known to be hosting a radio show called “The Dan Patrick Show”, which is airing on the Premiere Radio Networks. He is also one of the hosts of a show called “Football Night in America”. Furthermore, Dan Patrick is also a senior writer of a popular magazine called “Sports Illustrated”. Before that, Dan Patrick was one of the most successful people working for the ESPN, where he stayed for 18 years, and this involvement also added up to the overall estimate of Dan Patrick net worth.

Dan Patrick was born in 1956 in Mason, Ohio. He was raised in a family of six kids. When he was studying in high school, he was a huge basketball star of it. Thus, he got a basketball scholarship to study at the University of Eastern Kentucky. However, after two years, he was transferred to the University of Dayton.

There, he graduated with getting a degree in broadcast journalism.

Before he got involved in the team of the ESPN, Dan Patrick was involved into reporting about sports already. He was a sports reporter on the CNN channel, where he worked on the assignments of Winter Olympics, NBA Finals and World Series. In 1989, Dan Patrick joined ESPN, where he started hosting the show called “SportsCenter” and he served as the host of the show till 2006. Thus, this involvement also added up to the overall sum of Dan Patrick net worth.

In 1999, he also expanded his career to the ESPN radio, where he was hosting his own show called “The Dan Patrick Show”. The show lasted till 2007. In the 1990s, Dan Patrick became a huge star on the ESPN and it made him one of the most recognizable faces of the channel. Also, Dan Patrick got a position of a host of another show called “NBA Nation”, which was broadcasted on the ABC channel. In 2007, Dan Patrick announced on his radio show that he was leaving ESPN. Nevertheless, this involvement made him a huge star in the sports industry and also increased the total amount of his net worth.

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