Danielle Staub net worth

Danielle Staub net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub net worth

Danielle Staub is one of those celebrities who in the recent years had to file for bankruptcy. It has been reported that the current size of Danielle Staub net worth reaches a minus 1 million dollar sum. However, there was one point in time when she was earning a lot due to her involvements into being a reality TV show star, writer and singer, and these activities also played a huge part in accumulating Danielle Staub net worth.

As a TV show star, Danielle Staub is probably mostly known from the TV show called “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. She started appearing on this show in its first season. In that season, she was confronted by a lot of other members of the show due to the fact that she has been arrested before the show started. At that time, Danielle Staub was also known going by a different name, which was Beverly Anne Merill. It was stated that Danielle Staub collaborated with the authorities and she received probation of 5 years. However, although she admits the fact that she was arrested, she disagrees with other arguments which are against her. In 2010, Danielle Staub received her autobiography called “The Naked Truth”.

In this book, she also discusses her arrest and states that it was mainly due to her being in a wrong place at a wrong time.

Although Danielle Staub appeared in the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, she was not admitted to the cast in its third season. Nevertheless, the show increased Danielle Staub net worth. Later, the main reason of her not appearing in the show was revealed, which was the fact that Caroline Manzo stated to the producers of the show that if Danielle Staub returned to the show in its third season, then she would not appear in it with her.

In 2010, Danielle Staub’s home in New Jersey was issued for sale. In the same year, she still continued to appear on TV shows. One of those shows was called “The Dish” broadcasted on the Style Network. In 2011, she appeared in another TV show called “Famous Food” aired on the VH1 channel. In this show, she ended up as one of the winners. One of the prizes of the show was the opportunity to work at Lemon Basket restaurant, however, it has not been stated if she actually got the job there. Thus, these appearances also increased the overall sum of Danielle Staub net worth.

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