Danny Glover net worth

Danny Glover net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Danny Glover

Danny Glover net worth

It has been claimed that the current sum of Danny Glover net worth is as much as 40 million dollars. Danny Glover is mostly known to be involved into cinema, however, he is also involved into politics. Danny Glover is an actor as well as working behind the scenes and being a film director. In addition, he is also known as a political activist. These sources are regarded as the ones, which have added most of revenues to Danny Glover net worth. He has been known for quite a lot of roles in many films, including “The Color Purple”, “Lethal Weapon” films, “Angels in the Outfield”, “Predator 2”, “Saw” and “Witness”. In addition, he has also appeared in many other films, which maybe did not reach international fame, but received attention in the United States, as well as productions made for TV and stage. In addition to his acting career, Danny Glover is also an active member of organizations related to political and humanitarian causes.

Danny Glover was born in 1946 in San Francisco. However, he spent a huge part of his childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was growing up, he also excelled in sports.

When growing up, Danny Glover suffered from epileptic attacks but stated that with time he managed to cope with them. Also, he stated that since he was 34 years old, he has not suffered any epileptic attacks.

Before he became a star in theater, Danny Glover was working at city administration. When he noticed his passion for acting, Danny Glover quitted his job in city administration and focused on his career in stage productions. Soon, he moved to Los Angeles, where he saw more opportunities to excel as an actor.

Also, it was in Los Angeles, where he founded Robey Theatre Company, with Ben Guillory, who is also known as an actor. Thus, this company also added some extra revenues to Danny Glover net worth.
Although he is probably mostly known from the movie “Lethal Weapon”, he is also known from various other productions made for big screen, TV and stage, which also increased the total sum of Danny Glover net worth. In 2004, he appeared in a horror movie called “Saw”, which was created on a low budget, but received quite a lot of international interest. In this film, he got a role of a Detective David Tapp. Being a famous international film, it also added up to the popularity of Danny Glover.

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