Danny Trejo net worth

Danny Trejo net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo net worth

It has been known that the total estimate of Danny Trejo net worth reaches 8 million dollars. He is known as a huge star in Hollywood industry. Danny Trejo has appeared in a variety of movies, where he usually portrays roles of tough guys, anti-heroes and villains. Danny Trejo has appeared in movies, such as “Desperado”, “Con Air”, “Heat” and “Machete”. These appearances added a lot to the overall amount of Danny Trejo net worth. Also, in some of the movies, Danny Trejo is appearing with another famous actor, Robert Rodriguez.

Danny Trejo was born in California and he is of Mexican origin. The previously mentioned Robert Rodriguez is actually a relative of Danny Trejo. Danny Trejo is a cousin of Robert Rodriguez. The most interesting fact is that the two did not even know that they were related. They got to know it only when they met on the set of filming the movie “Desperado”, where they both appeared.

One of the most interesting facts about Danny Trejo is that in 1960s, he spent a lot of time in jail in California.
When he was recovering, he made friends with one man, who was involved into acting business.

He was invited to a set of a movie called “Runaway Train”, where he was also offered to play one of the people in jail. Also, on the set, Danny Trejo met one man, with whom he was serving in prison as well and who was Edward Bunker. Edward Bunker offered Danny Trejo to train one of the movie’s stars, Eric Roberts, in his boxing skills. Danny Trejo was paid 320 dollars per day for teaching Eric Roberts his boxing abilities.

Also, in the movie, Danny Trejo was portrayed as serving time in prison and many people were confused about that and they started to think that he was actually serving time in prison at that time, as well.

Thus, Danny Trejo career in cinema started and he began getting more and more offers to appear in various productions, which added a lot of revenues to Danny Trejo net worth. Danny Trejo has been appearing in movies with various stars, such as Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Al Pacino and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Danny Trejo has been appearing in a lot of hit releases, such as “Spy Kids”, “Anaconda”, “Bubble Boy”, “Heat” and many others. All these appearances added a lot of revenues to the total amount of Danny Trejo net worth.

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danny trejo net worth danny trejo net worth danny trejo net worth

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