Darla Moore net worth

Darla Moore net worth

Net Worth: $2.3 Billion

About Darla Moore

Darla Moore net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Darla Moore net worth currently reaches 2.3 billion dollars, which makes her one of the female billionaires in the world. She has accumulated her net worth because of her involvement in a firm called “Rainwater, Inc.”, which is known as a private investment company. She is also married to the firm’s founder named Richard Rainwater. In addition, Darla Moore is known as a pioneer female in the banking industry. Moreover, she is known as a benefactor to a lot of institutions, which are established in her hometown in South Carolina. These careers also add a lot of revenues, which increase the total estimate of Darla Moore net worth.

In 1975, she graduated from the University of South Carolina, where she was studying Political Sciences. After finishing university, Darla Moore was working at the Republican National Committee established in Washington, D.C. In 1981, Darla Moore graduated from the George Washington University, where she got her MBA degree. Thus, she joined other MBA recipients at the training program of Chemical Bank. In 1980s, Darla Moore became a very known personality due to her help to various companies, which were suffering bankrupt.

For them, she provided debtor-in-possession financing.
In 1991, Darla Moore’s wedding ceremony took place, when she married Richard Rainwater. Two years later, Darla Moore got a position of a president of his company, “Rainwater, Inc.” In 1998, Darla Moore was named amongst the Top 50 Most Powerful Females in Business, which was compiled by the Fortune Magazine. One year later, her name was also in the same list of this magazine. Thus, it shows that she has what it takes to get involved into this business, which has added millions of dollars to Darla Moore net worth.

Also, Darla Moore is credited a lot because she has added a lot to the increase of the overall fortune of the whole Rainwater family. Currently, it is known that Darla Moore is residing in the area of Lake City, where she is living in a plantation, which belongs to Rainwater family for six generations. She and her husband have also homes in other places of the Unites States, such as in New York City, California and South Carolina. However, since 2001, it has been known that the couple is living separately, Darla Moore is living in South Carolina, and her husband Richard Rainwater is living either in California or Texas. In addition to her increasing Darla Moore net worth, she is also known as one of the most generous female philanthropists.

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darla moore net worth darla moore net worth darla moore net worth

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