Daryl Hall net worth

Daryl Hall net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall net worth

Daryl Hall is a well known American musician. It has been announced that the current sum of Daryl Hall net worth is as high as 30 million dollars. He has accumulated this sum as being a talented singer, keyboard player, guitarist and producer. A huge part of his net worth was been accumulated due to him being one part of a popular duo called “Hall and Oates”, which increased Daryl Hall net worth a lot. As a part of this duo, Daryl Hall collaborated into writing 11 singles of the duo, which landed in the number 1 position in charts. Moreover, the duo has released 18 music albums, sales of which also increased the total estimate of Daryl Hall net worth.

Currently, one of his main involvements is hosting his own webcast called “Live From Daryl’s House”. The show appears every month and discusses subjects related to music.
Daryl Hall was born in Pennsylvania in 1946. Daryl Hall rose to fame due to his involvement into “Hall and Oakes” duo, which reached its success in the 1970s and 1980s. Daryl Hall was a student of The Temple University based in Philadelphia, where he was studying music.

Later in his career, Daryl Hall focused of several music genres – RnB, soul and rock.

Also, it was at the university when he made friends with John Oates, with whom he created the duo, which increased the overall amount of Daryl Hall net worth. They created the duo in 1967, however, the opportunity to sign a recording contract came only five years later. Daryl Hall has also served as one of the main song writers of the duo and has created songs, such as “Rich Girl”, “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” and “Maneater”.

In addition to his career in “Hall and Oates”, Daryl Hall is also known as a solo act. Moreover, he collaborated with Robert Fripp in the 1670s, as well. Thus, these ventures also increased the total amount of Daryl Hall net worth. Talking more about his collaboration with Robert Fripp, Robert Fripp appeared on Daryl Hall’s solo album which was released in 1980, whereas Daryl Hall got a chance to appear on Robert Fripp’s successful album called “Exposure”, which was released in 1979.

In addition to that, Daryl Hall is also known as a singer and creator of many well known songs, such as “You Make My Dreams” and “Method of Modern Love”.

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