Dave Franco net worth

Dave Franco net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Dave Franco

Dave Franco net worth

Dave Franco is an American actor, who has been appearing in productions made for big screen as well as on TV. It has been estimated that the current size of Dave Franco net worth today is 2 million dollars. Moreover, it is expected that it will grow in the upcoming years due to many acting offers he is getting. Dave Franco is well known from movies, such as “Fright Night”, “21 Jump Street”, “Warm Bodies”, “Charlie St. Cloud” and “Now You See Me”.

Dave Franco is also known as an actor from TV. As such, he has been appearing on the 9th season of the TV show called “Scrubs”. The TV series proved to be an international hit and as a result it also increased the overall amount of Dave Franco net worth.

Dave Franco was born in 1985 in Palo Alto, California. In 2006, Dave Franco debuted on TV screens, when he was casted for a role in a popular TV show called “7th Heaven”. Since his first appearance there, Dave Franco continued to appear in many more TV shows and series, such as “Young Justice” and “Do Not Disturb”. In addition to that, he has had a lot of notable roles in many movies, such as “The Short Cut”, in addition to the above mentioned ones.

In 2009, it was officially announced that Dave Franco was chosen to appear in a TV show called “Scrubs”, which gained recognition all around the world. In this show, Dave Franco was casted as an internship student at the hospital, Cole Aaronson. Cole Aaronson’s parents paid a huge sum of money for him to have his internship in the portrayed hospital. Due to his performance on the show, not only Dave Franco net worth increased, but he also received a lot of positive comments from critics for his work on the show. Since the 9th season was the final of the overall show, he did not have more opportunities to appear in the “Scrubs”.

In 2011, Dave Franco was casted to appear in a movie called “Fright Night”, where he appeared together with Toni Collette and Colin Farrell. The movie overall got positive reviews from critics and scored more than 41 million dollars in box offices internationally. In this movie, Dave Franco was casted for a role as a popular student at high school, Mark. Therefore, the movie also added up not only to his fame, but also increased Dave Franco net worth.

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