Dave Hester net worth

Dave Hester net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Dave Hester

Dave Hester net worth

It has been claimed that Dave Hester net worth has an amount of 3 million dollars. He is mostly known as a TV personality and also a businessman. His net worth started to accumulate when he began appearing on the TV show called “Storage Wars”, which started to be broadcasted in 2010 on the A&E Network. Thus, the show added a lot to Dave Hester net worth.

In addition to being a star on the TV show, Dave Hester is also known as a businessman. He is the owner of the Newport Consignment Gallery and Rags to Riches Thrift Shop. The thrift shop is unique in a way that it occupies 100 thousand square feet area and it is a freeway frontage showroom, where Dave Hester sells all of his things which he does not use anymore. He also auctions in the shop.

Furthermore, Dave Hester has 25 years of experience of auctioning. What is even more important is that the cast of the show “Storage Wars” also comprises of auctioneers, which include Dan Dotson, Barry Weiss, Darrell Sheets and Brandi Passante. In fact, the TV show’s main aim is to auction all the things which are found in places, which are not being used anymore.

It is legal since Californian rules say that in places, which rent is not paid for more than three months, all the storage in it can be used in an auction.

The first season of the show “Storage Wars” proved to be very successful, therefore, there were thoughts of extending the show to a couple of more seasons, which will increase Dave Hester net worth a lot. It also has been stated that the spin-off of the show is beginning to be filmed, which is going to be called “Storage Wars: Texas”, which is going to be a version of Storage Wars established in Dallas.

Dave Hester is also referred to as The Mogul in the industry. Moreover, his thrift shop of today has 15 employees and is based in Costa Mesa. The shop is known as the second most financially supported shop by the show.

In 2012, it was stated that Dave Hester was involved in a lawsuit, which was about his catchphrase “Yuuup”. He was already granted the trademark for the phrase, however, rapper Trey Songz claimed that the phrase has been used by him since 2009. The case is still going on. Nevertheless, the businessman has been speculated to receive more money from his future ventures, which are going to increase Dave Hester net worth.

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dave hester net worth dave hester net worth

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