Dave Whelan net worth

Dave Whelan net worth

Net Worth: $210 Million

About Dave Whelan

Dave Whelan net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of the current Dave Whelan net worth reaches 210 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people in the sports industry. He has accumulated some part of his wealth because of his career as a professional football player, although currently he is retired from this career. During his time as a professional player, he belonged to Crewe Alexandra and Blackburn Rovers teams.
When he retired, he ventured into sports industry even more when he became an owner of Wigan Athletic, the team that plays in League One. In addition to owning this club, he served as its chairman for 20 years. His position was taken over by his grandson, David Sharpe. Overall, his work in this club has also increased the overall sum of Dave Whelan net worth. Dave Whelan is the owner of the DW Stadium, which is home to Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic of League One. In 2015, Dave Whelan got an honorary degree from the University of Bolton and became a Doctor of Business Administration.
Dave Whelan was born in 1936 in Bradford, but he grew up in Wigan. Dave Whelan played with Blackburn Rovers’ 1960 FA Cup Final team, which was beaten by Wolverhampton Wanderers.

It was also this time when he suffered a serious leg injury. After he recovered, Dave Whelan joined Crewe Alexandra. He played in this team for quite a few years and it also increased the overall amount of Dave Whelan net worth.
He retired from his career as a professional football player with the aim to focus on his supermarket chain, Whelan’s Discount Stores. Eventually, he sold the chain to Ken Morrison, who paid more than 1 million pounds. After that, Dave Whelan bought fishing and sports store, JJ Bradburns. Dave Whelan changed the store’s name to JJB Sports and changed the products only to sports merchandise. In 1980, the company already had 7 stores. It kept expanding throughout the 1980s as well as 1990s. The company became the UK’s second biggest sports retailer. It also increased the overall estimate of Dave Whelan net worth. Eventually, he sold this business venture, as well.
In 2009, Dave Whelan bought JJB Fitness clubs and the stores which belonged to it. Before that, in 1995, he acquired Wigan Athletic, which at that time was a Division Three team. Dave Whelan had aims of making the team the Premier League team and he accomplished this goal in 2005. In 1999, he established a stadium for the team, which today is known as JJB Stadium. The stadium became one of the largest football stadiums outside the Premier League.
In addition to his interest in sports, Dave Whelan is a fan of politics. He supports the Conservative Party, especially David Cameron. In 2013, he asked to have a minute’s silence in one football game to mark the death of Margaret Thatcher, but his proposal was rejected. Thus, in addition to his career in sports, Dave Whelan is also known for his active interest in politics.

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