David Banner net worth

David Banner net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About David Banner

David Banner net worth

David Banner is a well known name in rap music industry. Thus, as it implies, he is a rapper. In addition to that, he is also a successful record producer. In addition to his involvement into music, David Banner has recently started his career as an actor, as well. Thus, all these mentioned careers have added a lot to the overall amount of David Banner net worth, which today has been claimed to be as high as 12 million dollars.

David Banner was born in 1974 in Mississippi. When he finished high school, he entered Southern University, from which he graduated, too. Later, he enrolled to study at the University of Maryland, where he intended to get his master’s degree in education. However, he never got it due to the fact that soon after enrolling into the university, he left it because he wanted to focus on his career as a rapper.

David Banner soon started his career in music, and the first band he belonged to was called “Crooked Lettaz”. However, soon he realized that he would be more successful as a solo act, thus, in 2000, David Banner began his career as a solo rapper. This career has also added to the total size of David Banner net worth.

In that year, he also released his first record as a solo act, which was called “Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1”. The album was released under the record label called big Face Records. The album sold a little bit more than 7 thousand copies, thus, it was not such a huge success. However, one single from this album was released, which was called “Like a Pimp”. This song became a massive radio hit, and as a result, David Banner began to get more and more attention.

In 2003, David Banner’s big break came when he got a chance to get signed to the record label of Universal Records. Under this record label, David Banner released four successful albums, those being “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, “Mississippi: The Album”, “Certified” and “MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water”. Therefore, the sales of these albums also increased the total sum of David Banner net worth.

It is also known that David Banner is not his real name. The real name of the rapper is Lavell William Crump. He decided to go by the stage name of David Banner, when he saw a TV show called “The Incredible Hulk”, David Banner is a character from that production.

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