David Beckham net worth

David Beckham net worth

Net Worth: $260 Million

About David Beckham

David Beckham net worth

David Beckham, full name David Robert Joseph Beckham, is one of the most prosperous football players in the world. David has earned his name while playing for Manchester United in England. After nine seasons with the legendary team of Manchester David decided it is time to move on and changed the club. Since then he has played for various clubs including Real Madrid, Preston North End, Los Angeles Galaxy and the national team of England. David is currently staying in France, where he plays for Paris Saint-Germain. David Beckham net worth is currently estimated at $260 million.

Beckham’s professional career began when he was only 17 year old, in 1992 when he first ran to the field with Manchester United. David has stayed with this first club for 9 seasons. During this period he has led Manchester United to the victory in the Premier League 6 times, FA Cup for 2 times and the UEFA Champions League once, in 1999. By the time he has left Manchester, David Beckham net worth was already fascinating.

After Manchester, David has changed the clubs quite often. In 2003 he signed a contract with real Madrid.

Three years later it was announced that Beckham and his whole family leaves Europe to live in the United States, where David is going to play for Los Angeles Galaxy club. It is safe to say that while clubs have changed, the quality of David’s game did not. Holding a numerous records and accolades, David remains one of the greatest and most-wanted football players in the world.

David’s personal life seems to be just as successful as his career. David has met his current wife, Victoria Beckham in 1997 in a football match. Although David Beckham net worth is definitely higher, his wife is not so poor herself. Victoria is a former member of a popular girl band Spice Girls; she is known for the fans of this group as Posh Spice. Victoria’s current net worth is estimated at $30 million. At the time David and Victoria met, Spice Girls were at the peak of their fame. Band was considered to be world’s most popular girls’ group. When the famous football player and a successful singer started dating, their relationship has immediately attracted media attention.

The couple got married in 1999, after two years of dating. By that time a couple has already had their first son. In Britain the ceremony attracted nearly as much media attention as the royal wedding. A couple currently has four children: Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David and the youngest daughter, apple of the mother’s eye, named Harper Seven.

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David Beckham net worth David Beckham net worth

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