David Booth net worth

David Booth net worth

Net Worth: $5 Billion

About David Booth

David Booth net worth

David Booth is known as one of the most successful American businesspeople, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. It has been reported that the total sum of David Booth net worth currently reaches a sum of 5 billion dollars, which also makes him one of the richest people in the world. The position for which he is best known is being a co-founder as well as a co-CEO of a popular company called “Dimensional Fund Advisors”. This involvement is also regarded as one of the main sources of David Booth net worth.

In 2008, David Booth made history when he donated 300 million dollars to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. This donation is regarded as the biggest donation, which has ever been given to any business school. Because of such a huge donation, since then, that school is known as the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, thus, his name was given to this school for being such a generous philanthropist.

David Booth was raised in Lawrence, Kansas, where he also attended high school. He was also a student at the University of Kansas, where he was studying economics, from which he graduated in 1968, and business, graduating in 1969.

In the same year, David Booth enrolled into the University of Chicago. In 1971, he got his MBA degree in it. At this institution, David Booth met his later to become partner in his business endeavors, Rex Sinquefield, as well as worked as an assistant to Eugene Fama.

Also, he and Rex Sinquefield were the ones, who formed “Dimensional Fund Advisors”, which today is one of the most vital sources of David Booth net worth. This company is known to be concentrated on small stocks and value and non-U.S. based stocks. The firm is also known to manage a huge sum of money – almost 207 billion dollars.

David Booth has also written a couple of academic writing, such as “Diversification Returns and Asset Management”, which was written in collaboration with previously mentioned Eugene Fama. In 1992, this article was awarded with the Graham and Dodd Award of Excellence.

David Booth has also been a member of various institutional boards, mentioning one – the Board of Directors of Georgetown University. Talking more about his work as a philanthropist, in 1997, he together with his wife donated 10 million dollars for a construction of campus of University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Thus, besides his career as a businessman, David Booth is one of the most generous philanthropists of all time.

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david booth net worth david booth net worth

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