David Bowie net worth

David Bowie net worth

Net Worth: $215 Million

About David Bowie

David Bowie net worth

One of the most well known musicians in the world is regarded to be David Bowie. It has been announced that the total amount of David Bowie net worth reaches 215 million dollars. He has accumulated such a huge sum through his various involvements in the music industry. David Bowie is known as a musician, singer, songwriter, arranger as well as an actor, which also adds a lot of revenues to the overall amount of David Bowie net worth.

He has been involved in the industry for more than 50 years. He has been known for both being critically and commercially successful and his name is known all around the world. David Bowie work is usually described as experimental and innovative. In addition, David Bowie is regarded as one of the most influential rock musicians in the history of rock music. In the United States, 5 albums of him have been titled as platinum, whereas in the United Kingdom, nine albums of him got such a certification. Thus, the sales of his albums are also one of the main sources of David Bowie net worth.

The musician was born in 1947 in London, England. During 1970s, he was mostly credited for his collaborations in pop music and made this genre of music very popular.

In his early years, David Bowie released that he wanted to be involved in music. When he was 13 years old, he learnt how to play saxophone. Soon, he started to aspire for a dream as a successful commercial artists and musician and during his free time he spent it with friends forming rock bands and singing and composing music. By the year 1966, David Bowie has recorded a couple of hits songs, which were recorded with several different bands.

Eventually, he decided to become a solo singer and started to make his dream real. In 1969, he became popular because of his song called “Space Oddity”. The song proved to be immensely popular since it reached the top 5 of the single charts in the United Kingdom. Therefore, David Bowie realized that he might become big in the music industry, which became true and accumulated a huge David Bowie net worth.

It was about this time when he decided to call himself David Bowie when performing, knowing the fact that his real name is David Robert Jones. In order not to get mixed with another musician David Jones from the band “The Monkees”, he thought of a name David Bowie.

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david bowie net worth david bowie net worth david bowie net worth

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