David Brenner net worth

David Brenner net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About David Brenner

David Brenner net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of David Brenner net worth is as much as 9 million dollars. David Brenner was one of the most popular actors and comedians, and he was also involved into a career of writing. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1936. In addition to him being a comedian and performer, his father was also an entertainer and performed comedy bits. After his graduation from high school, David Brenner decided to enroll into Army, where he stayed for two years. Later, he decided to study at Temple University, where he focused on mass communications.

In addition, David Brenner is also known for his career in writing as he contributed to over 100 documentaries. Thus, his career in writing made his name popular and also added up revenues to the total size of David Brenner net worth. For his work in documentaries, David Brenner was awarded with an Emmy award.

Later, he turned to another direction and became a comedian. In the end of the 1960s David Brenner started appearing on the Improv. Soon after that, David Brenner became one of the most regular guests on ‘The Tonight Show”.

Overall, he appeared on this show 160 times which made him the only comedian to appear on it so many times. 75 times he appeared on the show as a substitute of Johnny Carson.

In 1983 David Brenner released his first comedy album which he called “Excuse Me, Are You Reading That Paper?” In the same year he also released his first book. Thus, talking about him as a writer, David Brenner wrote five books. Some examples of his books include “I Think There’s a Terrorist in My Soup: How to Survive Personal and World Problems with Laughter – Seriously” and “If God Wanted Us to Travel…”. The sales of his books have also added up a lot to the total estimate of David Brenner net worth.

In addition to being a writer and a writer for documentaries, David Brenner managed to appear in many movies and TV shows. Examples of such include the following ones: “Late Show with David Letterman”, “Worth Winning”, “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “Snip” and “Real Time with Bill Maher”. Therefore, these appearances have also increased the overall size of David Brenner net worth. In 2003 David Brenner’s name appeared in the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame, which crowned his career, as well.

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