David Choe net worth

David Choe net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About David Choe

David Choe net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of David Choe net worth today reaches as high as 200 million dollars. David Choe is mostly known as a painter and graphic designer. Also, in the recent years, he has become known as a muralist and this career has also added up to the total size of David Choe net worth.
David Choe was born in 1976 in Los Angeles, California. Both of his parents were immigrants from Korea and David Choe was raised in Koreatown. There, he also got interested into drawing and began to paint his own creations. Eventually, this career became one of the main sources of David Choe net worth and fame. David Choe has never graduated from high school and later he enrolled to study at the California College of Arts & Crafts. However, there he also did not stay long as he dropped two weeks after he began to attend it. David Choe was painting graffiti in public places and because of it he was imprisoned for some time.
After he was released, David Choe was hired to work for some magazines such as Vice, Hustler and Ray Gun. David Choe is considered to be a figure painter.

In the graffiti world, he is also identified with the bucktoothed whale. David Choe is also known as a co-host of the podcast called “DVDASA”, which stands for Double Vag Double Anal Sensitive Artist, which he hosts with Asa Akira. Thus, this involvement also made his name more known and added up to the overall size of David Choe net worth.
David Choe has also published a few books, including “David Choe”, “Bruised Fruit: The Art of David Choe”, “Cursiv” and “Slow Jams”. Therefore, the sales of his books have also increased the overall amount of David Choe net worth. In the period of 2007-2010, David Choe was appearing on the TV show called “Thumbs up”. In 2008, David Choe appeared in the documentary called “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe” about him. In 2013, he also was chosen to appear in one episode of the show called “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. Thus, all of these TV appearances have made him more famous and richer.
David Choe is also known as a mural painter and as such he has worked with Facebook, too. In addition, he also got a company stock which is worth more than 200 million dollars.

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david choe net worth david choe net worth

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