David Duchovny net worth

David Duchovny net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About David Duchovny

David Duchovny net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of David Duchovny net worth reaches a sum of 60 million dollars. Also, his salary per episode is known to reach 225 thousand dollars. David Duchovny is mostly known as an actor, which is the main source of David Duchovny net worth.

He was born in New York City, New York, in 1960. In 1982, David Duchovny became the graduate of Princeton University, where he was studying English Literature and got his degree of Bachelor of Arts. Later, he enrolled into Yale University, where he got a Master of Arts degree in English Literature, as well. In addition, he started to work on his PhD, but he has never finished it.
David Duchovny is mostly known from TV screens. In 1987, he appeared in one of his very first TV commercials, which was for Lowenbrau Beer. His subsequent jobs on TV were having a recurrent role on the TV show called “Twin Peaks”. In addition, for a brief amount of time he was also a host of the TV show called “The Red Shoe Diaries”. Thus, his career in television started successfully and it added a lot of financial success to David Duchovny net worth.

In 1993, he got a role of Fox Mulder, Special Agent, which added much needed international success to him. The show was called “X-Files” and it became one of the most watched shows on the Fox Network. He was working on the show till 2001, till its 7th season. However, he left the show because of the disputes over his contract. Nevertheless, the show added a lot of revenues to David Duchovny net worth and increased it by a mile. He also appeared in the 8th season of the show, but not till its finish. However, in the 9th season he did not appear and the show was canceled in 2002.

In addition to being an actor, David Duchovny is also known to be involved into behind the scenes material. He has worked as a director for several shows and also directed one episode of “X-Files” as well as one episode of a TV show called “Bones”.

David Duchovny is also well known for his current role in the TV show called “Californication”, where he portrays a role of Hank Moody. Also, because of his role in this show, he was awarded with the Golden Globe in 2007. Also, this show is known to be one of the current sources of David Duchovny net worth.

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