David Einhorn net worth

David Einhorn net worth

Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

About David Einhorn

David Einhorn net worth

It has been reported that the current sum of David Einhorn net worth reaches 1.4 billion dollars, which makes his one of the billionaires in the world. David Einhorn accumulated such a huge sum through his career in the hedge fund management. He is known as a founder of a company called “Greenlight Capital”, where he is also serving as the president and which is one of the most important sources of David Einhorn net worth. In 1996, he founded the mentioned company with having 900 thousand dollars. Since that time, the company has grown into a huge internationally known enterprise.

David Einhorn is also working as the chairman of a branch of this company called “Greenlight Capital Re, Inc.”, which is a company based in Cayman Islands. Moreover, he is the major shareholder of this company. Also, David Einhorn got quite a lot of media exposure, when he sold his stocks of Lehman Brothers, Allied Capital and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. In 2006, David Einhorn also became a director of New Century Financial Corporation, where he served for one year. The company is known as a major mortgage lender.

When he decided not to work in this company anymore, his previously mentioned company “Greenlight Capital” had 6.3 percent of the stocks of the company. Thus the court case started, finishing in 2010. It was settled that David Einhorn was not liable on any part.

David Einhorn was born in New Jersey, in 1968, in a Jewish family. When he was a child, he moved to Wisconsin. When he graduated from high school, David Einhorn started attending Cornell University, where he graduated summa cum laude in Government sciences. One of the biggest companies, in which he is serving as a contributor, is “The Michael J. Fox Foundation”.

In addition, David Einhorn is known as a vivid poker player. In 2006, he even participated in the World Series of Poker, where he ended up in the 18th position. Thus, he became a winner of 650 thousand dollars, which he did not spend on himself, but donated to the previously mentioned foundation. Thus, despite bringing these sums to David Einhorn net worth, David Einhorn decided to give them to other causes. Moreover, he is also known to be involved into several other foundations, including “Robin Hood Foundation”. Also, he contributed to various other charities and donations, established in the area of New York.

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david einhorn net worth david einhorn net worth david einhorn net worth

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