David Gilmour net worth

David Gilmour net worth

Net Worth: $130 Million

About David Gilmour

David Gilmour net worth

It has been reported that David Gilmour net worth reaches 130 million dollars. Born in 1946, he is known as an English singer, instrumentalist and song writer. David Gilmour is mostly known as a member of a popular band called “Pink Floyd”. His appearance in the band also increased David Gilmour net worth a lot. In 2012, it was stated that the band has sold more than 250 million copies of their albums, which makes it one of the highest selling bands from the United Kingdom. 74.5 copies of the albums out of those 250 million copies were sold in the United States alone. In addition to him being involved in this band, David Gilmour is also known as a solo artist as well as a producer of various well known acts.

Moreover, besides his involvement into music and his huge fame, David Gilmour is also known as taking part in many different charities. In 2005, David Gilmour got a title of CBE because of his successful involvement into music. During the Q Awards in 2008, David Gilmour got a title of the Outstanding Contribution. Also, David Gilmour was placed in the 14th place of the list of the greatest guitarists of all time, according to the Rolling Stone magazine.

Therefore, it is obvious that his involvement into music has been appreciated and evaluated and it brought huge revenues to David Gilmour net worth, as well.

David Gilmour was born in Cambridge, England, in 1946. His father worked as a lecturer at Cambridge University and his mother worked in BBC. Also, his parents have been very supportive in his career in music. His biggest influences while he was growing up were Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers and Bill Haley. Also, at this time, he wanted to become a skillful guitar player, and thus, he borrowed a guitar from his neighbors, however, he never gave it back to them. Thus, David Gilmour became a self-taught guitar player.

When he became a student at the Perse School, David Gilmour made friends with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett, who later became members of “Pink Floyd”, too. In 1962, David Gilmour started attending Cambridge Technical School. However, although he did not finish this college, he learnt to speak French fluently. Before he became a member of “Pink Floyd”, which added huge sums of money to David Gilmour net worth, David Gilmour was working with several other bands, such as Jokers Wild.

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david gilmour net worth david gilmour net worth

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