David Icke net worth

David Icke net worth

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About David Icke

David Icke net worth

David Icke is a well known writer and public speaker. Before he got involved in these two careers, David Icke was a professional football player as well as a sports broadcaster. All of these mentioned careers of his have also added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of David Icke net worth. Most of his written work focuses on conspiracy theories about global politics. This topic is also amongst the most dominant ones in his public speeches.
David Icke was working as a sports broadcaster on BBC television. In addition to that, David Icke was a spokesman for the Green Party. In 1990, a psychic told him that he was sent to the world with a specific purpose and that he was going to receive messages from the spirit world. In 1991, David Icke announced that he was a ‘Son of the Godhead’. In seven years, David Icke published 4 books, such as “The Robots’ Rebellion”, “Children of the Matrix”, “And the Truth Shall Set You Free” and “The Biggest Secret”. The sales of these four books have also added up to the overall amount of David Icke net worth.
In his books, David Icke has expressed his views which combined New-Age spiritualism with a denunciation of totalitarian trends in the modern world.

The main idea behind most of his statements is that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood, which includes such well known and powerful people as George W. Bush, Boxcar Willie, Kris Kristofferson and Queen Elizabeth II, controls humanity, and that many dominant and powerful figures are reptilian. A lot of people have criticized his views. Michael Barkun has claimed that David Icke’s viewpoint is ‘New Age conspiracism’.
He was born in 1952 in Leicester. David Icke grew up with his two brothers and he was the middle child in the family. David Icke wanted to become a doctor, but his family did not have enough money to send him to college. Thus, he joined the Royal Air Force. David Icke was a loner and a shy child. He spent most of his time playing with his toy trains. Also, he would usually cross the street than encounter a known person. In high school, he was so shy that it caused him a nervous breakdown when he had to speak in front of his classmates and passed out.
When he was 9 years old, he joined his school’s football team. He saw that he could be successful in this sport and decided that football was the key element to getting out of poverty. In addition to being a football player, he became known as a sports presenter, and this career has also increased the total estimate of David Icke net worth. He has worked on many TV shows, such as “Midlands Today”, “Newsnight”, “Grandstand” and some others. In 1983, David Icke published his first book called “It’s a Tough Game, Son!”, which gave advice how to start a successful career in football.

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