Dawn Wells net worth

Dawn Wells net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million

About Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Dawn Wells net worth is as much as 7 million dollars. She is known as an actress and her career in Hollywood has made her a huge star and also increased Dawn Wells net worth. She became famous when she started to appear in the popular TV series called “Gilligan’s Island”, where she was chosen for a role of Mary Ann Summers. She appeared in this show in the period of 1964-1967. The show not only made her a household name, but also increased the total size of Dawn Wells net worth.

The actress was born in 1938 in Reno, Nevada. Before she became such a well known actress, Dawn Wells was studying at Stephens College in Missouri, where she was a student of chemistry. In 1960, Dawn Wells became a graduate of the University of Washington, where she earned her degree in theater arts and design. In addition to her career in acting, Dawn Wells is also known as a beauty queen. In 1959, she won the title of Miss Nevada, and as a winner of it she represented this state in the Miss America beauty pageant in 1960.

Before she started to appear on the TV show that made her a huge star, “Gilligan’s Island”, she already appeared in some other TV productions, such as “The Roaring 20s”, “The Cheyenne Show”, “Bonanza”, “77 Sunset Strip” and “Maverick”.

As a part of the “Gilligan’s Island” cast, she appeared in several movies based on this TV show, such as “The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island”, “The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island” and “Rescue from Gilligan’s Island”.

Other productions from which she is also well known include “Wagon Train”, “Surfside 6”, “Tales of Wells Fargo”, “It’s a Man’s World”, “The invaders”, “The Love Boat” and many more. Her appearances in all of them have also increased not only her popularity, but also the total estimate of Dawn Wells net worth. Dawn Wells was casted for some small parts in movies such as “The New Interns” and “Palm Springs Weekend”. Other movies from which Dawn Wells is also known are “Return to Boggy Creek”, “The Town that Dreaded Sundown”, “Forever For Now” and “Soulmates”.

After the show “Gilligan’s Island” was finished, Dawn Wells got interested into appearing in theatre productions more and up to this day she is appearing in them. She has starred in more than 100 theatre plays.

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