Daymond John net worth

Daymond John net worth

Net Worth: $250 Million

About Daymond John

Daymond John net worth

Daymond John is one of the most popular people in the entertainment business. It has been announced that Daymond John net worth reaches an estimate of 250 million dollars. Daymond John is known as entrepreneur, investor, businessman, fashion designer and TV personality. In addition, he is also a motivational speaker and author, which also add extra revenues to the total amount of Daymond John net worth.

Daymond John is mostly known as a founder of the company called “FUBU”, where he also works as a president and CEO. He is also known as investor of the TV show called “Shark Tank”.

When he attended high school, he was able to work a full time job, which let him to go to school and go to work alternatively, with going to school one week and going to work another week. Daymond John stated that this experience led him to become an entrepreneur. After graduation, Daymond John got involved into commuter van services.

At that time, Daymond John noticed that it was fashionable to wear wool hats with their tops cut off and they were being sold for 20 dollars. According to Daymond John, this price was too high for such hats.

Thus, he and his friends decided to make 80 hats like that and sold them for a price of 10 dollars each. It made them to get 800 dollars in one day, which they saw as a huge accomplishment. Thus, soon he and his friends began sewing the logo “FUBU” on these hats and expanded their business to sewing this logo to jerseys and t-shirts. The company started to accumulate Daymond John net worth.

At first, in order to be secure about his financial stats, Daymond John was also working at Red Lobster in addition to his job at “FUBU”. In 1993, Daymond John asked LL Cool J to wear clothes by “FUBU” in order to promote the brand. LL Cool J was chosen as a face of “The Gap” company. In one advertisement for the company, he was wearing a hat of “FUBU” and said phrase ‘for us, by us’ in it. “FUBU” brand began getting more success when Daymond John and his friends attended a trade show in Las Vegas in 1994. There, their company received orders, which were worth more than 300 thousand dollars. Thus, year after year “FUBU” became one of the most important sources of Daymond John net worth.

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