Dean Cain net worth

Dean Cain net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Dean Cain

Dean Cain net worth

One of the most well known names in acting industry is Dean Cain. It has been estimated that the current size of Dean Cain net worth is 12 million dollars. As an actor, he is probably mostly known from the TV series called “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. There, he was casted for a main role of Superman. The show has been also the one which has added most of financial success to Dean Cain net worth.

Dean Cain was born in 1966 in Michigan. His mother was also an actress. In 1969, Dean Cain’s mother married to a film director, Christopher Cain. Thus, he adopted Dean Cain and his brother and gave them his surname. After the marriage, Dean Cain and the rest of his family moved to live to Malibu, California. His mother later gave birth to a baby girl of Christopher Cain, who also became an actress.

Dean Cain was a student at Santa Monica High School. There, Dean Cain was excellent in sports. Moreover, as a kid, he enjoyed playing baseball. Therefore, he was so good at sports that he was offered scholarships at more than 15 universities to study. He chose to attend Princeton University out of all of them.

Also, when he was studying there, Dean Cain’s girlfriend was known to be actress Brooke Shields. In 1988, Dean Cain graduated from Princeton University and earned his degree in History. After graduation, he wanted to get involved into a career of a football player, however, because he suffered a knee injury, he had to give it up.

Thus, he turned to acting and screenwriting. He appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows, such as “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Grapevine” and “A Different World”. These were also the first shows which started to accumulate Dean Cain net worth. However, it was the show “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, which made him a huge star and added up most of the revenues to Dean Cain net worth. At the peak of the show, it was stated that more than 15 million viewers were watching this show. The series were made of four seasons and the final of them was in 1997.

In 1998, Dean Cain ventured into business and formed his own production company, which he titled Angry Dragon Entertainment. Dean Cain is also known from his appearances in movies, such as “Out of Time” and “The Broken Hearts Club”.

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