Debbie Rowe net worth

Debbie Rowe net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe net worth

It has been announced that the current sum of Debbie Rowe net worth is 25 million dollars. Debbie Rowe is a nurse from the United States, but she became known for quite different reasons. It was due to her relationship to a superstar, Michael Jackson, that she became known worldwide, and it was also due to the same reason that Debbie Rowe net worth increased so much. Debbie Rowe was married to Michael Jackson and with him she has two kids. Currently, Debbie Rowe is living in California.

Debbie Rowe was born in 1958 in a middle-class family. Debbie Rowe was adopted when she was small and her parents were millionaires from Malibu in California. She also stated that while growing up, she was feeling very lonely. Before she became two years old, Debbie Rowe’s parents separated. Thus, Debbie Rowe grew up in a care of her mother, maternal grandmother and aunts.

Talking about the relationship which made her a well known woman and also increased Debbie Rowe net worth, she met with Michael Jackson when he was being treated in the Arnold Klein’s office, where she was working as a nurse. Debbie Rowe stated that it was this time when Michael Jackson divorced from Lisa Marie Presley and he was very sad because of it.

Also, she stated that what preoccupied him the most was that he might never become a father. Therefore, Debbie Rowe asked him if he wanted to have kids from him. It also has to be mentioned that even before she met Michael Jackson, she was his biggest fan.

In 1996, the news was announced that Debbie Rowe was pregnant. In the same year, Michael Jackson married her. Debbie Rowe’s marriage with the superstar was her second one, the first marriage of hers happened in 1982, when she married Richard Edelman.

Three months passed after her and Michael Jackson’s marriage and she gave birth to the couple’s first kid, who was named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Later, he became famous as Prince. One year passed and Debbie Rowe gave birth to the second kid of Michael Jackson, named Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. It is also worth mentioning that Michael Jackson was the one who had the full responsibility for raising their kids.

Debbie Rowe almost never talked to reporters and it was hard for her to cope with the fame which she got after she married Michael Jackson. In 1999, the couple divorced and the children custody rights went to Michael Jackson fully.

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