Demi Moore net worth

Demi Moore net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Demi Moore

Demi Moore net worth

Demi Guynes Kutcher, better known as Demi Moore, is a successful American actress, film director, producer, former model and songwriter. She made her film debut in early 80s, appearing in the soap opera General Hospital and rose to prominence with the roles in Blame It on Rio and St. Elmos’s Fire. She established a name among the most-wanted Hollywood artists in 1986, when her movie About the Last Night… reached the cinemas. Demi Moore net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.

Demi was born in 1962, in New Mexico, to Charles Harmon and Virginia King. When the girl was born, her parents were already separated- Charles walked away on his pregnant wife two months after they exchanged the rings. Moore was born with crossed-eyes. This physical defect probably would have hampered her career in entertainment business, which boosted Demi Moore net worth to its current heights.

Luckily, after two surgeries medics have managed to correct her sight. When Demi was still a toddler her mother remarried to Dan Guynes, who gave the girl his last name and raised her as a real father. Demi learned about the existence of Charles when she was already a teenager and asked her mother why their marriage certificate points to the later date then her birth.

The family Demi grew up in was far away from perfect. Her mother was an alcohol addict and had a vast record of crimes, including arson and drunk driving. Her stepfather, an advertising salesman, was unable to keep a stable job, thus the whole family had to move from city to city. Dan and Virginia broke up when the would-be actress was 16 and two years later her beloved stepfather committed suicide. In 1990 Demi lost contact with her mother.

At the age of 16 Moor dropped out of high school and started working with the Elite Modeling Agency. This job did not boost Demi Moor net worth to significant heights, but it paid enough money for her to move from her mother’s apartment and start an independent life. In 1979, before turning 17 years old, Demi went to the Los Angeles night club, where she met Freddy Moore. At the time this 29 year old rock musician was married to another woman. It took him only half a year to get a divorce and exchange the rings with his teenage lover, Demi.

She rose to prominence after appearing in a music video for the song “It’s Not a Rumor”, which she co-written with her newly gained husband. In 1981 Demi posed nude for the magazine Oui. She later regretted this move and claimed the magazine was not supposed to print her pictures, as she was underage. Legal or not, those pictures brought the young actress an attention she needed. After that Demi Moore net worth growth shifted to the high gear.

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