Deon Sanders net worth

Deon Sanders net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Deon Sanders

Deon Sanders net worth

Deion Sanders is a formed baseball and football player, a member of Pro Football hall of Fame, currently working as an analyst n NFL Network. During his career in the National Football League Deon, nicknamed Neon Deon and Prime Time, played for Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins. As a baseball player Sanders appeared on the field with Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giant and Cincinnati Reds. Deon Sanders net worth is currently estimated at $40 million.

Deon’s excellence in sports unfolded back in the day when he was attending North Fort Myers High School in Florida. As a teenager Sanders received state level awards for his achievements in football, basketball and baseball. Nobody doubted that he is one of the most perspective young athletes in state and Deon Sanders net worth will shoot to the stars as soon as he graduates from college and gets to sign his first contract. In college Deon continued playing the three sports mentioned above and joined track and field team. During his freshmen year college baseball team with Deon in the outfield finished fifth in the United States, and his track and field team reached the conference championship.

While playing for Florida State University Sanders became All American Cornerback for two consecutive years starting 1986.

With breaks Deon played on MLB for nine years and appeared on the field with 4 different teams. He was first drafted by New York Yankees in 1988 and that’s when Deon Sanders net worth started to grow on the fast track. His next contract in baseball was with Atlanta braves. He was one of the most valuable players in the league in season 1992 and is the only athlete to date who played both in a World Series and Super Bowl. Sanders’ career in professional football started the same year as he joined the Yankees. In 1989 he was drafted by Atlanta Falcons and stayed with this team until 1993. In 1994 Deon started the season in the uniform of San Francisco 49ers. This was arguably Deon’s most successful season during which he has earned the name of 1994 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. After this season Sanders continued his career with Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens.

He retired from professional sports in 2006. By that time Deon Sanders net worth has been huge enough for him not to care about money for the rest of his days. What about his personal life? Deon has been wedded twice, first time to Carolyn Chambers and the second to Pilar Biggers-Sanders. He has two children with Carolyn (a son Deon Jr. and a daughter Deiondra) and three more with Pilar. His second marriage ended not so long ago, in the late 2011.

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deon sanders net worth deon sanders net worth

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