Derek Hough net worth

Derek Hough net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Derek Hough

Derek Hough net worth

Derek Hough is probably mostly known American choreographer and dancer. It has been announced that the overall sum of Derek Hough net worth reaches 3 million dollars, which proves his financial success in the industry. Since 2007, Derek Hough became immensely popular when he began working on the popular TV show called “Dancing with the Stars”, which has also increased the total sum of Derek Hough net worth a lot. In this show, he is known as one of the most competitive dancers, since he is known as a winner of five seasons of this show.

In 2013, Derek Hough was awarded with the Emmy award for his outstanding choreography, which he has created for three times on the show. Derek Hough is also known as appearing on stage productions. One of such productions is known to be “Footloose: The Musical”.

Talking about him as a dancer more, Derek Hough has received quite a lot of recognition and awards. One of probably the most prestigious titles which he has won was the title of Latin American Dances Under 21. Therefore, there is no doubt that dancing has also added much financial success to him and as a result it also increased the overall amount of Derek Hough net worth.

Derek Hough was born in 1985 and he was raised in the suburban area of Salt Lake City in Utah. He has four sisters. His family is known to be involved into dancing, as well. Besides his parents, who actually met each other in the dancing ballroom, Derek Hough’s grandparents were also dancers.

When he was only 12 years old, Derek Hough was sent by his parents to live to London, where he was taken care by dancers Corky and Shirley Ballas, who also taught him dancing. A few months passed and his youngest sister also came to London. In the beginning, Derek Hough planned to stay in London for only one year, however, eventually he stayed there for 10 years. His sister, however, did not stay there that long and she came back home after 5 years.

From the couple of Ballas, Derek Hough learnt a lot of dancing techniques, such as jazz, gymnastics, tap and ballet. In addition, Ballas raised not only Derek Hough but also their own kid, Mark Ballas. When Derek Hough’s sister was still in London, the three formed a dancing group called “2B1G”. Thus, dancing has played a huge role in Derek Hough’s life and it also has been serving as the main source of Derek Hough net worth.

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derek hough net worth derek hough net worth derek hough net worth

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