Diana Ross net worth

Diana Ross net worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

About Diana Ross

Diana Ross net worth

Diana Ross, full name Diana Ernestine Earle Ross, is a legendary American singer and actress. She gained international recognition as a founder and lead singer of the band The Supremes, which was especially popular during the 1960s. In the following decade Diane ventured into the movie industry and appeared on Lady Sings the Blues, where she portrayed Billy Holliday. This role garnered Diane an Academy Award for the Best Actress nomination and a Golden Globe for the most promising new actress. Diana Ross net worth is currently estimated at $160 millions.

During her lengthy career Ross has won 7 American Music awards, was named “A Female Entertainer of the Century” by Billboard magazine and entered Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female singer that has ever walked the ground. Since 60s, Diana has released more than 70 hit singles, which reigned over the charts in UK and America and sold more than 100 million records. This fact goes a long way to explain why Diana Ross net worth is greater than the fortunes of most contemporary artists.

Diana was born in Michigan, in 1944.

Her mother Ernestine was a teacher at the local school, while her father, Fred Ross, was a solder in the Second World War. Her current stage name, Diana, resulted from a stupid mistake. Her mother wanted to name the girl Diane, but the name was misspelled in the documents. Some of Ross’ ancestors came from Europe, the others originated from Africa.

Although some media sources and even her own biographers have speculated that Diana has grown in severe poverty, the truth is, she was raised in a comfortable apartment close to the Highland Park. As a teenager she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and trained for this job in Cass Technical School. Around this period Diana Ross net worth was quite petty, thus in order to get some extra cash she worked at Hudson’s Department Stores. That’s when Ross was influenced by rock and roll music, fascinated by the songs of Etta James and Frankie Lymon.

Diana’s professional career took off in early 60s, when she won a singing competition along with her band Primettes. Soon the three girls landed a contract with Lu Pine Records and started working on their first album. At this early stage of her career Ross served as the group’s stylist, costume and make-up designer. In the beginning it was agreed that all of the girls will sing have the equal parts, but soon it became obvious that the songs in which Diana has the lead are by far more popular. Diana Ross net worth shot to the stars in 1963, when she was officially signed as the lead singer and released her first single, entitled “When the Lovelight Starts Shining through His Eyes”. The Supreme’s first number one hit “Where Did Our Love Go” was followed by ten more charts topping singles in three years span.

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