Diane Keaton net worth

Diane Keaton net worth

Net Worth: $32 Million

About Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton net worth

Diane Keaton is one of the most well known and most respected actresses in the industry. She is also regarded as one of the richest of them since the current sum of Diane Keaton net worth reaches 32 million dollars. She has accumulated such a high net worth as well as a huge fan base and popularity because of her appearances in various films, such as “Baby Boom”, “Because I Said So”, “Looking for Mr Goodbar”, “Mad Money” and many more. In addition to being a well known actress, Diane Keaton is also a well known producer, director and screenwriter, and this involvement also plays an important role when it comes to accumulating Diane Keaton net worth.

In addition to her appearances in films, Diane Keaton is also a well known face from TV screens, since she has been appearing in numerous TV shows and TV series, such as “The FBI”, “Night Gallery”, “Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story” and others. Thus, these appearances on TV have played a huge role in accumulating Diane Keaton net worth.

Moreover, Diane Keaton has also starred in movies which were made for TV.

She is also a well known voice actress and as such she appeared in a popular film called “Look Who’s Talking Now”, where she served as a voice of a dog called Daphne.

Talking about her involvement behind the scenes, being a screenwriter, director and producer, Diane Keaton collaborated into making several productions, such as “Hanging Up”, “Elephant”, “Heaven” and some others. Therefore, this career has also played a huge role when accumulating Diane Keaton net worth.

Giving some background information about the actress, Diane Keaton was born in 1946 in Los Angeles, California. Her father was involved into real estate industry, whereas her mother was a photographer. After finishing high school, Diane Keaton was a student at Orange Coast College, where she was studying acting – the career, which later became the main source of her popularity as well as her financial status.

However, one year of studies there passed and Diane Keaton moved to Manhattan with the aim to get involved into show business. When she settled in New York, Diane Keaton was accepted to the Neighborhood Playhouse, where she was learning acting. Thus, year after year, her name started to get more and more popularity and today she is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.

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diane keaton net worth diane keaton net worth diane keaton net worth

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