Diane Lane net worth

Diane Lane net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Diane Lane

Diane Lane net worth

Diane Lane is a well known actress. It has been claimed that the total size of Diane Lane net worth today reaches 35 million dollars. The actress was born in New York in 1965, where she also grew up. In 1979, Diane Lane appeared in her first movie which was “A Little Romance”, produced by George Roy Hill. In this movie, she appeared with Sir Laurence Olivier. After her appearance in this film, Diane Lane’s face was featured on the Time’s magazine. In it, Diane Lane was called as the next Grace Kelly. Thus, her beginning in the industry was quite a success and since that time, not only her fame, but also Diane Lane net worth began to increase more and more.

In 2002, Diane Lane starred in a movie called “Unfaithful”, for which she was awarded with a couple of nominations, such as Golden Globe, Academy Award and SAGA. Other movies from which the actress is also well known include “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “The Perfect Storm”, “The Outsiders” and “Man of Steel”. All these films increased the overall size of Diane Lane net worth, as well.
Diane Lane was born in a family, members of which were also involved into entertainment business.

Her mother was a model and posed for Playboy, whereas her father was involved into acting. When Diane Lane was a teenager, her parents divorced. Till she was six years old, she was living with her mother and later the custody rights of the girl were given to her father.

When she was 15 years old, Diane Lane decided to live separately from her father and moved to Los Angeles, with her friend Christopher Atkins, who also became an actor. Diane Lane now states that it was quite a reckless behavior which resulted from the fact that she got to be independent too soon. Thus, soon she moved back to New York, where she was living with parents of her friend and she was paying the money so she could live with them.

However, it was also this time that Diane Lane was taken by her mother and she took her to Georgia. This ended up with her mother being invited to the court, where she met Diane Lane’s father, who pressed charges for kidnapping and Diane Lane soon went home with her father. Having such a childhood, Diane Lane found her niche in acting, which also became a huge source of Diane Lane net worth.

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diane lane net worth diane lane net worth diane lane net worth

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