Diddy net worth

Diddy net worth

Net Worth: $550 Million

About Diddy

Diddy net worth

Stage names Diddy, P. Diddy and Puff Daddy all belong to the same American rap mogul, musician, media executive, record producer entrepreneur and actor Sean John Combs. He is best known as the founder of major record label Bad Boy Records and a performer of such singles as “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” or “I’ll Be Missing You”. As for the year 2012 Diddy net worth was estimated at $550, making him the wealthiest person in hip hop industry. During his career Diddy received 2 MTV Video Music Awards and 3 Grammies. Aside from music, Diddy has launched a profitable fashion line Sean John, owns two restaurants and movie production company. Each of these businesses is responsible for the bulk of Diddy net worth.

Diddy was born in Harlem in 1969, to Janise and Melvin Combs. Janice was a former model and an assistant. His father belonged to the criminal world and was associated with Frank Lucas, a drug dealer and organized crime chieftain who operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and 1970s. When Sean was still a kid Melvin was killed by a gunshot while sitting in his car. After graduation Sean went to study business in Howard University, but did not manage to finish his studies.

In the end of 80s Diddy took an intern position at Uptown Records.

While working in this company Diddy met a lot of talented musicians, including Mary J. Blige and Jodeci, and gained a crucial experience. Looking from the perspective, Diddy’s firing from Uptown Records three years later might be the best thing that has ever happened to him. It encouraged Sean to take personal initiative in his career and go the risky path which eventually led him to the top of hip-hop music industry and brought Diddy net worth of $550 million.

In 1993 Diddy founded a label Bad Boy records. In this company he continued to work as a producer and talent director. It was not until 1997 that Diddy released his own record “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”. The single became a Billboard Hot 100 sensation and stayed among the most popular song for nearly 30 weeks. His first album entitled No Way Out was released in 1997.

It was significantly modified after the murder of Notorious B.I.G., Diddy’s old friend and business associate. The album peaked at No. 1 position on Billboard 200 during the week after its release and added a solid sum to the Diddy net worth. After this debut Diddy released four commercially successful albums: Forever (in 1999), The Saga Continues… (finished in 2001), Press Play (2006) and Last Train to Paris (2009).

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