Dj Pauly D net worth

Dj Pauly D net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Dj Pauly D

Dj Pauly D net worth

DJ Pauly D is one of the most well known DJs in the United States. He is also regarded as one of the richest ones, since the current amount of DJ Pauly D net worth is 15 million dollars. In addition to being a popular DJ, he is also a television personality. DJ Pauly D got even more popularity and recognition when he started appearing in the MTV reality show called “Jersey Shore”. Thus, being a part of this TV show also increased the total sum of DJ Pauly D net worth.

In 2011, the news were announced that DJ Pauly D held a deal of three album pending with G-Unit Records, which belongs to rapper 50 Cent, and G-Note Records. In the same year, this deal was proved by 50 Cent himself.

Moreover, talking about him more as a TV star, DJ Pauly D is known as the only member of the show “Jersey Shore”, who got his own spin-off series which were called “The Pauly D Project”. This show also has increased the total amount of DJ Pauly D net worth. Furthermore, for every episode of the show, DJ Pauly D has been stated to receive a payment of 150 thousand dollars.

DJ Pauly D was born in 1980 in Rhode Islands.

He started his DJ career immediately using his nickname Pauly D. Also, when he was growing up, his idol of DJs was DJ AM. In 2009, DJ Pauly D was casted as one of the members of the TV show “Jersey Shore” on MTV. Soon, the show started to add huge sums of money to DJ Pauly D net worth.

DJ Pauly D stated that his being a musician did not affect that he was chosen to become a part of the cast, instead, the producer of the show saw his page on MySpace and liked his looks, therefore, they sent him a message asking if he wanted to appear in “New Jersey”. After he accepted the offer, the producers of the show called him and asked if their camera crew could come to the Rhode Island, where he was living, to film one day of his life. DJ Pauly D was filmed going to the gym, tanning studio and going to club. He has never really appeared in audition and six months later he got a call stating that he got a part on the show.

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