Don Adams net worth

Don Adams net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Don Adams

Don Adams net worth

It has been reported that the overall estimate of Don Adams net worth reaches 15 million dollars. He was a popular actor, comedian and director, also known by his name Donald James Yarmy. The actor was born in 1923 and passed away in 2005.
Don Adams was appearing as a TV personality for five decades and during such a long time, a huge part of Don Adams net worth was accumulated. Don Adams is probably mostly known for his role as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, which he portrayed in the sitcom called “Get Smart” in the period of 1965-1970 and then again in 1995. In addition to appearing in the series, Don Adams was also working as its writer and director occasionally. Thus, these series have also added up to the overall amount of Don Adams net worth, in addition to making his name famous. For his role as Maxwell Smart, Don Adams was nominated and awarded three Emmy Awards in the period of 1967-1969.
Don Adams was also a popular voice actor. In the period of 1963-1966, he was appearing as such in the animated series called “Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales”. Also, he got a voice acting role in the animated series called “Inspector Gadget”, where he was appearing from 1983 until 1985.

Thus, his work as a voice actor also added up to the overall size of Don Adams net worth.
Don Adams was born in 1923 in Manhattan. He was raised with his brother Richard, who also became an actor, known better as Dick Yarmy. What is interesting about their household is that the boys were raised in different religious. Dick Yarmy was raised as a Jew, which was the faith of their father, and Don Adams was raised as a Catholic, which was the religion of their mother.
Don Adams was studying at DeWitt Clinton High School in New York but he dropped out and started to work as a theater usher. When the Second World War began, Don Adams joined the United States Marine Corps. However, he did not serve for a long time as he was diagnosed with blackwater fever. After he finally recovered from this deadly illness, Don Adams became a Marine drill instructor in the United States.
After that, he started to appear as a comedian. He changed his name to Don Adams because of the fact that he married Adelaide Efantis, who was also a performer and her stage name was Adelaide Adams. With her, Don Adams is a father of four girls. In order to support the family financially, he was even working as a restaurant cashier and commercial artist. When the couple divorced, Don Adams still preferred to be called Adams because auditions were held in the alphabetical order, so he usually was the first one to be asked to come to an audition room.
In 1954, the actor began to appear on TV. At that time, he became a winner of the TV competition called “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts”. Since that time, he has appeared in many other TV shows, which not only made him popular, but also added up to the overall sum of Don Adams net worth, such as “The Bill Dana Show” and “Get Smart”.

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