Don Francisco net worth

Don Francisco net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Don Francisco

Don Francisco net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of Don Francisco net worth is as high as 100 million dollars today. Don Francisco is one of the most famous TV show hosts in Chile. Don Francisco is also one of the most popular people working in the Univision network. The network is known to be watched by Spanish people in the United States, as well, thus, he is also known in the United States. Don Francisco, as a TV show host, is mostly known from productions, such as “Don Francisco Presenta” and “Sabado Gigante”. These shows have also added up to the total size of Don Francisco net worth.

The TV show host was born in 1940. His parents were from Germany, who moved to live to Chile to avoid Nazi persecution. When Don Francisco was young, he moved to New York, where he intended to get a profession of tailor. However, most of the time he devoted to watching TV there. In 1962, Don Francisco started to work on TV, where in Chile this business was just in its start. The show he began to host was called “Sabados Gigantes” and it aired on Canal 13. In this show, Don Francisco tried to adapt the format of the shows that he saw when he was living in the United States.

Immediately, the show became a huge hit and it has been broadcasted for more than 50 years already. Thus, there is no surprise that during this amount of time Don Francisco net worth also increased a lot.

In 1986, the show started to be airing in the United States, as well, where it was filmed in Florida and the name of it also was changed a bit – to “Sabado Gigante”. Soon, Don Francisco became one of the most well known TV show hosts for Spanish people living in the United States. Throughout the years, the show also has grown a lot as it began to include competitions, interviews and comedy sketches, as well. In addition to this, the show also included a traveling camera reports. Because of this segment of the show, Don Francisco had a chance to travel to many different countries of the world. He has also taken interviews from a lot of well known people, such as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Roberto Duran and many more. Thus, the show proved to be a huge popularity and it also added up much to the total amount of Don Francisco net worth.

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