Don Imus net worth

Don Imus net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Don Imus

Don Imus net worth

Don Imus is a well known name for people, who are radio listeners. Thus, Don Imus is a well known radio show host, which has been the main source of Don Imus net worth, as well, which has been claimed to reach a sum of 35 million dollars. In addition to his career as a radio show host, Don Imus is also known for his other jobs, such as being a comedian, landscape photographer and writer. In addition to that, he is also a philanthropist.

Don Imus is probably mostly known from his own show called “Imus in the Morning”, which has increased Don Imus net worth a lot. The show is broadcasted all across the United States by Cumulus Media Network. Also, his show is broadcasted on TV by the Fox Business Network.

Don Imus was born in 1940 in California. However, Don Imus grew up in Arizona, where he was raised in a cattle ranch, which was known as The Willows. In 1957, Don Imus enrolled into Marine Corps and served there till 1960.

When he started his career in New York, Don Imus was fighting against his addiction to alcohol. In 1987, he was treated effectively. In 2013, it was stated that Don Imus has been sober for 26 years.

In 1988, he came back to comedy business full force and his format of show also changed, from comedy themes to more sophisticated ones, such as politics, charities and news. However, these themes were also portrayed as parodies, with humorous accents.

Don Imus personal life is also well known. In 1979, he divorced and in 1994 married for the second time. From his first marriage, he has two daughters, whom he adopted with his first wife, the daughters being Tony and Nadine. In addition to that, from the first marriage he has two other daughters, who are his biological daughters, Elizabeth and Ashley. From his present marriage, Don Imus has a son named Frederick Wyatt.

In 1999, Don Imus established a ranch called Imus Ranch together with his wife, which is based close to Ribera, New Mexico. The ranch is for children who are suffering from cancer. The family members of Don Imus are also volunteering in the ranch from time to time. Thus, in addition to his successful career as a radio show host, which increased Don Imus net worth a lot, he is also known to be involved into philanthropic activities.

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don imus net worth don imus net worth don imus net worth

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