Don King net worth

Don King net worth

Net Worth: $280 Million

About Don King

Don King net worth

Donald or just Don King is a boxing promoter form the United States. He reached the peak of career while promoting “Thrilla in Manila” and “The Ruble in the Jungle” championships. For a long time Don worked with Mike Tyson, his other career highlights include promoting George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Ricardo Mayorga, Julio Cesar Chavez, Felix Trinidad, Andrew Golota, Marco Antonio Barrera, Nikolai Valuev, Joey Hernandez and Adrian Diaconu. Don King net worth is currently estimated at $280 million.

Don was born in Ohio, in 1931. After graduating from high school he attended Kent State University, but soon dropped out. Young Don was too ambitious to take a low-paid job, which he could have expected with his education and which would never have boosted Don King net worth to its current heights. Thus after dropping out from KSU he decided to start a risky and illegal business of a bookmaker and began taking bets on sport events. During this period Donald did things nobody should be proud of. In early 1950s he killed a person named Hillary Brown. King has couth him in action while attempting to rob one of Donald’s gambling houses and shot him in the back with no mercy.

Surprisingly, the court decided it was a justifiable homicide, because Donald had the right to defend his property. People talked that Don King net worth helped him avoid the jail that time. In 1966 he was charged with murder once again. This time he beat to death one of his employs, Sam Garret, for not paying back his debt- $600 dollars. At first the judges qualified the crime as a second degree murder. However, after meeting with Don’s attorney the judge changed his mind and announced that King will be pleaded guilty for a non-intentional murder, committed during “the heat of passion”. With two murders King got away with only four years in jail.
Don started his career in the world of boxing after he convinced Muhammad Ali to compete in a charity event for a hospital in Cleveland. He soon started working in duo with a local promoter Don Elbaum, which already had some useful connections among the boxers and boxing promoters around Cleveland.

King promoted his first huge championship in 1974. This time he organized and promoted a fight commonly known as “The Rumble in the Jungle” between to boxing legends George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. The event attracted attention of nearly every boxing fan in the country and Don established the name as one of the most talented boxing promoters in the United States. The profits from this championship were counted in tens of millions. A solid part of this money landed in the wallet of the main promoter, boosting Don King net worth to the enviable heights.

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don king net worth don king net worth don king net worth

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