Donald Bellisario net worth

Donald Bellisario net worth

Net Worth: $250 Million

About Donald Bellisario

Donald Bellisario net worth

Donald Bellisario is a popular television producer and screenwriter. These two involvements have played a huge role when it comes to increasing the overall size of Donald Bellisario net worth, which currently is as high as 250 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest people in this industry.
He created many popular TV series, where he appeared as an episode writer from time to time, too. Examples of these TV series include “Quantum Leap”, “NCIS”, “JAG”, “Airwolf” and “Magnum, P.I.”. All of these series became quite popular and they also added up a lot to the overall sum of Donald Bellisario net worth. Many of his created characters are military veterans.
The television producer was born in 1935 in Cokeburg, Pennsylvania. His father was Italian and his mother was from Serbia. In the period of 1955-1959, Donald Bellisario was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of Sergeant. In 1961, he graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism.
After graduation, he started to work as an advertising copywriter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 1968, Donald Bellisario became the creative director of the Bloom Agency in Dallas, Texas. He eventually was promoted to be the vice president. Then, Donald Bellisario moved to Los Angeles, where he intended to become a producer and screenwriter. These two careers eventually made him popular in the entertainment world and added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Donald Bellisario net worth.
At first, he worked as an assistant to such producers as Stephen J. Cannell and Glen A. Larson, from who he learnt many techniques in producing. He appeared as a producer and writer on such productions as “Battlestar Galactica” and “Black Sheep Squadron”. A lot of characters which he has created are former or current members of the United States armed forces. One example of such characters is Tom Selleck from the series called “Magnum, P.I.”, who was a former SEAL officer and a United States Naval Academy graduate.
In 2004, Donald Bellisario got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was featured in one episode of the series called “JAG”. Donald Bellisario has stated that he was inspired to create the series called “Quantum Leap” when he read a story about time traveling. In 2007, he retired from his career although it made him a legend in the entertainment world, especially on TV, and added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Donald Bellisario net worth. Other TV series, in which he has worked during his career, include “Big Hawaii”, “Tales of the Gold Monkey”, “Tequila and Bonetti” and “First Monday”.
In addition to his career, his personal life is also well known. In the period of 1956-1974, Donald Bellisario was married to Margaret Schaffran. With her, he is a parent of four kids. Two of the kids worked as producers of his series called “NCIS”, Julie Bellisario Watson and David Bellisario. In 1998, he got married to his current wife, Vivienne.

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