Donald Driver net worth

Donald Driver net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Donald Driver

Donald Driver net worth

Donald Driver has become recognized because of his successful career as a football player. This career not only made his name known, but also added up quite a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Donald Driver net worth, which reaches as high as 16 million dollars, according to the current calculations.
He was playing football in the position of a wide receiver. In addition to his sports career, Donald Driver is a book writer. Moreover, he was appearing in the TV competition called “Dancing with the Stars”, which he actually won. Thus, these involvements have also increased the total size of Donald Driver net worth.
Before he became a professional football player, Donald Driver was playing college football when he was studying at Alcorn State University. In 1999, he participated in the NFL Draft, during which he was chosen to play with the Green Bay Packers. He stayed with this team for his whole career in the National Football League. He was playing in this league for 14 seasons. Thus, this career has been the main one when it comes to increasing the total amount of Donald Driver net worth.

He has set quite a few records for the team, such as for most career receptions and receiving yards. He became a winner of Super Bowl XLV when the team appeared in the game against the Pittsburg Steelers. Donald Driver is the establisher of the Donald Driver Football Camp, which is organized for local kids and held at the Cleveland High School Football field.
The football player was born in 1975 in Houston, Texas. He was born in a family of five kids. When he was little, his parents divorced. His teenage life became quite hard when his family did not have enough money and he spent some time living in motel rooms with his mother. As a result, Donald Driver and his brothers started to steal cars and sell drugs. When he moved to live with his grandmother, Donald Driver’s life became better.
When he was studying in high school, Donald Driver was a success not only in football but also in baseball, basketball and track. When he attended Alcorn State University, Donald Driver continued his football career and was also a competitive track and fielder. He was even named the Athlete of the Year five times.
In 1999, his professional career began when he joined the Green Bay Backers. He stayed with this team until 2012, when he retired. Thus, the team has added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Donald Driver net worth, as well. During his football career, he missed only four games.
In addition to his football career, Donald Driver is a co-host of the show called “Inside the Huddle with Donald Driver”. He has appeared in campaigns for various products, such as Goodwill, McDonald’s, Time Warner Cable, AirTran Airways, Jani-King and Kwik Trip. Moreover, he is a charitable person and has co-founded the Donald Driver Foundation with his wife, Betina Driver.

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