Donald Logue net worth

Donald Logue net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Donald Logue

Donald Logue net worth

Donald Logue is a well known TV and film actor. It has been claimed that the total estimate of Donald Logue net worth reaches a sum of 3 million dollars, as of right now. In addition to his career as an actor, he is also a writer and producer. Thus, his work behind the scenes has made his name more acknowledged and added up even more revenues to the total amount of Donald Logue net worth. Donald Logue has appeared in many successful films and TV productions, including “The Tao of Steve”, “Vikings”, “Grounded for Life”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Terriers” and “Copper”.
Currently, he is appearing on the Fox network series called “Gotham”, where he got the part of Harvey Bullock. Also, he appeared as Lt. Declan Murphy in the NBC series called “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. Thus, all of these TV productions made him even more popular, in addition to increasing the total size of Donald Logue net worth.
The actor was born in 1966 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Donald Logue was raised with his three sisters. Donald Logue spent his childhood in El Centro, California.

During his years in high school, Donald Logue was the California State Champion in Impromptu Speaking. In 1983, he was chosen to be the President of the American Legion Boys Nation. When he graduated from high school, Donald Logue attended Harvard University, where he was studying history.
Talking about his career, Donald Logue started it as an actor in some TV films. Since that time, he has appeared in many more productions, which added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Donald Logue net worth. In 1992, he appeared in his first bigger film, called “Sneakers”, where he played the role of Dr. Gunter Janek. One year later, he was chosen for the role of Capt. Ellis Spear in the production called “Gettysburg”. In the same year, he appeared in one episode of the show called “Northern Exposure”. Other productions in which he guest starred include “The X-Files”, “The Patriot” and “Blade”. Donald Logue has collaborated with Edward Burns as he appeared in a few films produced by him, called “The Groomsmen” and “Purple Violets”.
Donald Logue was noticed when he appeared as the leading part in the production called “The Tao of Steve”. Because of his role in it, Donald Logue was a winner of a Special Grand Jury Prize for best actor at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. Also, he was noticed by the producers of “ER”, who cast him to appear in a few episodes of these series. At the same time, he managed to appear in “Grounded for Life”. In 2005, he got a supporting part in the film called “Just Like Heaven”. In 2010, he guest starred in the show called “House, M.D.”, where he was chosen for the part of a millionaire patient named Curtis Harry. Other well known films in which he has appeared include “Charlie St. Cloud”, “Silent Night”, The Intruders”, and “Zodiac”, which also increased the total size of Donald Logue net worth.

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