Donny Deutsch net worth

Donny Deutsch net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch net worth

Donny Deutsch is a well known name in show business. It has been announced that the current size of Donny Deutsch net worth is as high as 200 million dollars. He is known as a TV star as well as an advertising executive and these two sources have been playing the main role when it comes to accumulating Donny Deutsch net worth.

As a TV star, he is known as a host of the TV show called “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”, which was airing between the years 2004-2008 on the CNBC channel. Thus, this show has added a lot of financial success to Donny Deutsch net worth, as well.

He was born in 1957 in Hollis Hills, New York, and he was raised in a Jewish household. His father was a well known businessman. He was a founder of the company called David Deutsch Associates, which today is known as Deutsch Inc.
In 1983, Donny Deutsch was also employed by his father in his company, which was a start of Donny Deutsch’s career. In 1989, Donny Deutsch was promoted to be a chairman of the company by his father. Thus, this involvement also has added up to the total estimate of Donny Deutsch net worth.

Also, it was Donny Deutsch who at that time changed the title of the company to Deutsch, Inc. In 2000, the company was known to be bought by Interpublic Group of Companies, which paid 265 million dollars for acquiring Deutsch, Inc.

Talking more about him as a TV star, in addition to the previously mentioned show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”, he has also appeared in many more shows, such as “Morning Joe”, “Today Show” and “The Apprentice”. One of his most current positions as being a TV star is being one of the regular hosts of the TV show called “Today Show”, where he is hosting the segment called “The Professionals”. In 2013, Donny Deutsch was hosting another show that being called “Get to the Point”. However, the show was soon cancelled due to the fact that it received a very low viewership. The show proved to be a complete failure and it was even mocked on the Comedy Central network in the show by Jon Stewart.

In addition to the mentioned careers, Donny Deutsch is also known as a writer. One of his published books is known to be “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt – Unleash the Business Rebel Within”, which motivates businesspeople.

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