Doug Christie net worth

Doug Christie net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Doug Christie

Doug Christie net worth

Doug Christie is a well known basketball player from the NBA league, however, he is now retired from it. In addition, it has been claimed that the current estimate of Doug Christie net worth reaches 50 million dollars, which makes him one of the multi millionaires in the industry.

Doug Christie participated in the NBA Draft in 1992, when he was selected as the 17th overall pick. Thus, his career into NBA started, which also began to add huge sums of money to Doug Christie net worth. In the beginning of his career in the NBA, Doug Christie was usually kept in sidelines. The first team of the NBA in which he played was Sonics. However, he has never appeared as playing for this team because of difficulties which resulted from the contract with the team.

After some time, Doug Christie was traded to another team, that being Los Angeles Lakers. However, this team, as the previous one, also did not give him many opportunities to show his true skills in this sport.

The third team in which he played was New York Knicks. However, one more time, he did not play his fullest in this team, as well.

This seems quite sad knowing the fact that Doug Christie today is regarded as one of the best defenders in the NBA and this position has been so successful that it even made him a multi millionaire, which can be proved by a high Doug Christie net worth.
In 1996, he changed teams again and this time he started playing for the Toronto Raptors. He stayed in this team much longer than he did in the previous ones, which also resulted into this team increasing Doug Christie net worth the most. Soon, he became one of the main players of the Toronto Raptors team.

However, in the end of the year 1999, Doug Christie was traded for another team, which was Sacramento Kings. This was when he was in this team, which made him a star in defenders position. It was also this time when he was recognized as one of the best shooters of 3 pointers.

In 2005, Doug Christie began playing for another team, which was Orlando Magic. However, it was quite obvious that he was not happy playing in this team. He soon suffered an injury, which prevented him from playing as a member of the Orlando Magic team. Nevertheless, his career in NBA is considered as the one, which has added most of revenues to Doug Christie net worth.

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